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Well i think it's pretty apparent that i'm a not so diligent blogger these days. It's true though that i have a new love interest. A Pinterest rather. I'm sure at this point you are either an addict like myself or have in the very least have heard of Pinterest.com. Whenever some new networking internet thinger comes out I'm the last to sign up. Yes i have a facebook no i still don't see the point of twitter. Here's a bit of what i've been doing over at pinterest. Click on either of the pictures to check out everything going on a little closer.


New Calendars for 2012

 2012 calendars now available and on sale till the end of September.


Washington D.C.

Ashton and I recently got back from a trip to Washington D.C. This year we're trying to keep it in the country so we can keep saving for a big Europe trip next year before Ashton (and i get to tag along too) heads off to Dental School in who knows where.

Visiting D.C. was something that was on my to-do list last year but that we just never got around to. Go figure. But this year we made it. Our primary reason for going was for this...
A gift from Japan all the cherry blossoms were in bloom and beautiful. At least most of them. There were quite a few that had already come and gone but we still enjoyed what was left. We even got to see some really beautiful magnolias in all kinds of colors.
With only a long weekend we made the most with what little time we had. It didn't hurt either that all the national museums decided to extend their hours just for us. And maybe the rest of the tourist in town for the annual week long Cherry Blossom Festival. Ashton's favorite was the National Museum of American History. This was probably my favorite thing there. Silly but I LOVE THEM.
Next, we hit the National Museum of Natural History, the Freer Gallery, and the National Air and Space Museum all while being under the shadows of The Washington Monument and The Capital Building. We ate hot dogs and pretzels, rode the metro, and walked through the grassy lawn of the National Mall.

Our second day was spent wandering the Holocaust Museum and spending the rest of the day talking about what we'd seen there. We eventually headed to the National Archives but not before grabbing a few umbrellas right as the rain started to come down. After hovering over works such as the Declaration of Independence it was time for dinner. A huge relief to my poor little feet.

The night was a restless one with worries that government shutdowns would begin at midnight. It would have left us with plenty of time to do nothing since everything from the Capital Building to National Park Grounds would be closed to the public.

With some good luck though we got to go and see places like this
and this
and this
and this
We drove around to do some sight seeing in George Town before retiring for the night and getting ready for an early morning and our last full day in Washington.
Saturday we got to see the parade and wander through the Japanese festival stalls.
We also got to see some amazing works by Van Gogh, Matise, Monet, Picasso, and so many more at the National Gallery of Art. (Probably Ashton's least favorite of the museum but I was soaking in every minute of it.) We wandered through the National Botanical Garden, around the Capital Building, Washington Monument, Tidal Basin, and Lincoln Memorial barely missing the surprise appearance of President Obama by maybe an hour.
Our final day, and before catching our flight, we wander around the National Arboretum where the original capital columns stand now and some of the oldest bonsai tree's in the country call home. One being over 200 years old. It also gave us a chance to see more cherry blossoms and magnolia. We ended our traveling with a stroll through Sunday's Eastern Market where we got to taste some fresh local produce and check out the flea market and artisan stalls. Driving through the neighborhoods on our way to the airport afforded us a few more views of the city and home we went.
I'm anxious to head back to the East Coast again soon. Maybe next time, New York.


A Contest...

As you might already know I am a member of the FPOE (female photographers of etsy) team and we are having quite the give way. Enter to win everything you see here in the Treasury below inlcuding a 5x7 print of my photograph "The Views in Santa Cruz." Just click on the image or this LINK and leave a comment. Good Luck!


A little...

Taking a little break from blogging for awhile. But I'll be checking
in here and frequently updating and adding to the Etsy shop.


I'm in the mood for Paris...

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 Urban Outfitters never disappoints. (The last one is a little metal jewelry stand made up of a bunch of chairs.) Love it.


Some things New...

Some new things have recently come into my life. One in the form of camera (not pictured above) the other in the form of lens. And they occupy plenty of my shooting time (as seen above).

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We put away our Christmas tree this weekend. Haha a little late I know and now there's a rather large hole in our living room. So what to fill it with???


better late than never...

2010 was an interesting year for me:
I got engaged...
Got married...
Spent time with a best friend...
Said goodbye to a loved one...
Surprised with a puppy...
Rode a donkey (not my finest moment)...
And pet an elephant...

And did plenty more in between. So when I started thinking about new years resolutions for this year, it made me think of my resolutions from last year. I was happy to look back and see that they all went pretty okay. Like start a new hobby (sewing) and traveling (Indonesia) and saving money (sort of) and sending postcards (yep.) Some of my resolutions from last year I'd like to keep for this year as well. Like planting something, volunteering, and finishing my grandmas memoir project (oops kinda dropped the ball on that one.) But I also have some new ones to add to the list. So here's my up-to-date resolutions for 2011.

1. Read 50 books before the end of the year. (That's a lot of reading. Maybe I should get started)

2. Take a class. (I've been looking into a pottery class, or metalsmithing lately.)

3. Save some. Spend less. (Because what this really comes down to is traveling more.)

4. Finish a DIY project. (Hopefully more than one. But I'd be satisfied with just one.)

5. Sew a quilt.

6. Yoga. (and a few times a week.)

7. Get a library card.

8. Hang more art.

9. Photography. (Easy right. I already take picture or edit picture just about every day. But I want to also work on projects related to photography like bettering my etsy shop, and different projects I've had in mind.)

10. Be happy. (It's a good one right.)


Tilly Tails...

We just love our cute little dog.


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and holiday. New Years is right around the corner. I'm already anxious for spring. With that said, I created this little month of January calendar for my computer's desk top. You can have it too! Just click on the image and either drag and drop or right click with your mouse and choose "Save Image" The next step to setting it up as your own desk top may vary depending on what kind of computer you have but shouldn't be too difficult. Enjoy!

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Merry Christmas Eve...

Happy Holidays.
Free clip art courtesy of Graphics Fairy.



The corners of home. Curled up with a book, a blanket, and a dog.
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The house has been warm and quiet this week. Comfortable afternoons of still life photography.

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Found this really cute How-To tutorial over HERE!


But this one is probably my favorite...

Not because of the photo quality that's for sure. But most definitely because that's my lap she's sitting on. I have the best husband ever. And he's also very good at surprises.


All I want for Christmas...

Okay well maybe not all I want but I want it really really really really bad. My grandpa stole my other one.
(Hint Hint Ashton.)